1 Month To Sam’s Demise

Disclaimer : Sam’s Fateah video link is embedded. If you don’t understand Arabic, kindly listen after 2 min 5 seconds, as it’s in Hindi / Urdu. If video stucks, open it via desktop and download it. Sorry for the inconvinience.

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Many of you texted me on Whatsapp, inboxed me at Linkedin, that either you don’t have a Linkedin account or the post was not accessible and you wanted to read Sam last weeks thoughts with me. So for everyone convenience, I am attaching the screenshot of my post :-

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I am sorry, I couldn’t reply to anyone comments earlier. I just got time and I want to share some messages of my most closest people. Thanks Ryan, Rish, Katrina, Leon, Sunish and Amb.

We all change, but nothing will ever change us like losing someone we care about and looking into their eyes for the very last time.

It’s rightly said time and tide waits for none. It’s been one month, since you left us. Nothing is the same without you Sam. There is not a single moment in the day, when I don’t think about you. I hope you are happy and pain free there. You were so loved in your life and even after you left us.

I have met people in the last one month whom I never knew before and they have such kind words to share about you. You were divine. 26th July 2022 has changed everything in our family.I don’t think, i can ever pen down what I feel about you.

I assure you that I will keep the promise I did to you, that I will do everything in my capacity to convey your apology to Sonia and  everyone you loved so dearly.

Keeping the article short, i am uploading a video of Samar’s Fateah with Athar uncle. People who missed his funeral, hopefully they can recite Surah e Fateah from the distance and also visit his grave virtually.

Link to the Video of Ali Samar’s Fateah : Samar’s Fateah

Link to Ali Samar Grave : Sam’s Grave

Sam's Grave

Please find the link to Sam’s last post https://www.insprove.com/dreams-2023/

This has been an extremely overwhelming time for our family and I am extremely grateful for your prayers and support.

Please recite Surah – e – Fateah for Syed Ali Samar Zaidi S/O Syed Ali Haider Zaidi

The closer I got to people, the more alone I felt. and their faces would say more about me than I could of myself. I left pieces of me in places that would fill me, and in the end, I lost myself in everything I loved.

Thank you,


May 5, 2023


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