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Hi All,

Life is all about learning and exploring new things, new people and new horizons.

Not long back, we loved the concept of “Friday Bullets” by Tim Ferris. It has been a thought since the start of the year to start a weekly newsletter from our blog. Finally we decided to rollout the functionality and we have called our newsletter as


Our newsletter will primarily focus on four things

  1. The skill we are learning
  2. The book we are reading
  3. Top Quote of the week
  4. Any new thing we discovered near us / Any update from our personal life

The newsletter goes live from 1st April 2023. It will be published weekly on Saturday every week 11:00 am.

I hope all of you will find our newsletter helpful and will inspire you to challenge yourself further.

Have an amazing weekend.

Beenish Zaidi | Syed Ali Samar Zaidi

March 18, 2023

BeeAli Book Club

Life paths sometimes can appear to be like a 'labyrinth'.
To get through such complicated passages, one needs to educate themselves.
Bee'Ali Book Club is such a space for voracious readers.


  1. Rida Mir

    Good to see you back posting Bee and Sam

  2. Alanah Mathews

    Looking forward to 1st April 2023. Exciting initiative.


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