“We are 93 million miles from the sun. 238 thousand miles from the moon. A moment from finding magic and one kiss away from reaching our dreams.” ~ Robert M Drake

Dreams and goals help us live and function. We as humans are always striving for finding our purpose in the world. Many of us are lucky to find it and some of us keep treading on the journey to find the reason of our existence. How meaningless life will be, if all we are living for is a 9:00 – 5:00 job, cooking and cleaning. God has kept more to our existence. 

If you read my profile, I like to call myself a creative folk. In our family, it’s a ritual that end of every year, group of our family members sit together and align on how we can contribute to our life meaningfully and also back to the society. This ritual is called “Aligning to our core values long term“.  I also call it “Sharpening our creative skills“.

Saying that, last year in end of December, I sat down with my most closest person in the family and jotted down, some high level goals. It’s not that, everything will be achieved this year, but if we stretch ourselves a little extra, I am sure, we should be able to complete everything in few years time. In this article, I will like to share the list of our shortlisted goals and track the status of it over the year.

#Dreams / Goals DescriptionOwner – BeeOwner – SamShortlisted MonthStatus
1Become a BookTok book reviewer on TikTokBeeSamJulyNot Started
2Get Australian Passport by Jan 2023 (Bee)BeeJanuaryAchieved
3Become car debt free by Feb 2023(Bee)BeeFebruaryAchieved
4Start a weekly newsletter Bee’Ali – Thoughts in 2023BeeSamApr – MayAchieved
5Visit Gurdwara in Kartarpur Lahore (Keep Sam last wish
in mind, this dream has been achieved in April
6Learn Morse CodeBeeSamMayIn progress
7Finish front end developer nano degree BeeMay – JulyIn progress
8Write Gratitude Journal every day in 2023BeeSamApril – JulyIn Progress
9Establish a spiritual identity by July 2023 (i.e.
say prayers 5 times a day, Quran with Tafseer)
BeeSamMay – JulyIn Progress
10Find new business pestures by June 2023BeeSamJulyTo Start
11Setup insprove and work as an independent businessBeeSamMayNot Yet Started
12Run 5km without stoppingBeeAugustNot Yet Started
13Become spiritual and say prayers 5 times a dayBeeSamMayTo Start
14Setup a diverse financial portfolioBeeSamTBDTBD
15Start another income source. Start your personal Youtube ChannelBeeTBDTBD
16Develop an enriched vocabulary in 2023 and start building weekly postsBeeSamMayTo Start
17Read 50 books in 2023 and genre’s should include
(Fiction, Tech, Personal Development, Business and Financial)
BeeSamJanuaryIn Progress
18Finalise Atlassian Certification for JIRABeeMayTo Start
19Play Guitar 365 days and document the video journeyBeeJune onwards TBD
20Setting up education fund for 5 needy students to support their educationBeeSamJune onwardsTo Start
21Achieve a chin up by end of 2023BeeTBDTBD
22Reduce 8% body fat by end of 2023BeeTBDTBD
23Build a cancer laboratory for poor peopleBeeSamTBDTBD
24Teaching coding to visually impaired peopleSamTBDTBD
25Teaching women about self defenceBeeSamTBDTBD
26Visit Iceland and photograph a live VolcanoBeeSamTBDTBD
27Visit Salar De UyuniSamTBDTBD
28Learn long sword fightingBeeTBDTBD
29Self publish a bookBeeTBDTBD
30Visit St. Stephen’s Cathedral in ViennaBeeSamTBDTBD
31Plant 100 trees on baba and Ali nameBeeTBD TBD
32Play guitar in front of 100 peopleBeeTBDTBD
33Learn the chords of my favourite 5 songsBeeTBDTBD
34Visit DisneylandBeeSamTBDTBD
35Raise a dogBeeTBDTBD
36Raise a horseBeeSamTBDTBD
37Own a LamborghiniBeeTBDTBD
38Achieve a pistol squatSamTBDTBD
39Learn capoeiraBeeTBDTBD
40Visit Dargah Hazrat Bal in Srinagar KashmirSamTBDTBD
41Learn how to do gardening and farmingBeeSamTBDTBD
42Learn professional photographyBeeTBDTBD
43Learn French and visit ParisBeeSamTBDTBD
44Work in field of Artificial intelligenceBeeSamTBDTBD
45Buy a 5 BHK house and setup a gaming roomBeeSamTBDTBD
46Perform a full range Cossack squat BeeTBDTBD
47Practise mindfulness BeeTBDTBD
48Become head of products and thought leader in product BeeTBDTBD
49Visit AntarticaBeeSamTBDTBD
50Learn Bachata and Salsa dance formsBeeTBDTBD
51See northern lights in Iceland BeeSamTBD TBD
52Travel Europe by trainBeeSamTBDTBD
53Visit highlands in ScotlandBeeTBDTBD
54Swim in cenotes of maya cultureBeeSamTBDTBD
55Volunteer for educationBeeSamTBDTBD
56Finish data science nano-degree by June 2023BeeTBDTBD
57Start a podcast on spotify on Health and fitnessBeeTBDTBD
58Recommence long range shootingBeeTBDTBD
59Learn horse ridingBeeSamTBDTBD
60Learn to draw bikablo cartoonsBeeSamTBDTBD
61Move to United Kingdom(London) ( Product Management)BeeTBDTBD
62Get the recreational pilot license (RPL) to fly in AustraliaBeeTBDTBD
63Take a sabbatical of a month in UK and visit all favourite places of dad BeeSamTBDTBD
64Around the world in 90 days. Visit countries and learn
65Visit Nankana Sahab Gurdwara LahoreSamTBDTBD
66Do Scuba divingBeeTBDTBD
67Become a writer on Medium and achieve 100 followersBeeMay – AugustIn Progress
68Spend a night in a Norway cottage opposite to a waterfallBeeSamTBDTBD
69Spend a summer in BerlinBeeTBDTBD
70Learn to use nunchucksBeeSamTBDTBD
71Learn to perform boxers step BeeTBDTBD
72Achieve a black belt in Krav Maga – military and defence styleBeeTBDTBD
Dreams list

If you read the book Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, King Melchizedek says to the shepherd boy

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

I believe this with all my heart. However, the act of living one’s own destiny includes a series of stages that are far beyond our understanding, whose objective is always to take us back to the path of our “Personal Legend” or to make us learn the lessons necessary to fulfil our own destiny.

I think so we all can better illustrate our own Personal Legends by continuously finding our purpose and following the dreams and goals that destiny has stored in for us. Keep following our journey so that all of you can learn from our own lessons.

Thank you for reading the article.


March 29, 2023

Ali Samar

I like to call myself "Creative", "Vulnerable" and "Analytical".
My friends call me an empath :)

I am a byproduct of middle eastern roots but born and brought up on the Aussie land. I love technology, i love making connections over a brunch :-), hit me up if you are a tea lover and i will show a simple way to make tea.


  1. Salman Ahmed

    jigger well written. happy to c you posting. sorry yar I asked u not to FaceTime, I just felt ur health was too weak , did not know the outcome. pls reply to my msgs, hangouts and WhatsApp. im sorry.

    • Ali Samar
      Ali Samar

      Salman, trying to keep up with the demand of the family, work and society and myself, just giving in constantly, she was burning the candle at both ends and in doing so what was really happening she was neglecting herself and I just cannot see how an individual who is going to the extreme end of burnout sustainably be able to do something Which is really impactful.

      To be able to sustainability do something which is impactful , she needed to take care of herself.
      My candle has run out.so I made this decision myself. Moving on was best for her, living with the burden of a death of loved one is horrible.
      Trust me, I have been there and I would have been selfish, if I had let it happening anymore. I don’t regret my decision. May be people will understand my decisions in my life or after it.

  2. Alanah Mathews

    How inspiring 🙂 Sam. Loved the last part ” the act of living one’s own destiny includes a series of stages that are far beyond our understanding” , too deep and factual.

  3. R. Arora

    I m in awe, 2 many goals haha. well written


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